The Princess of Scotland

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Alison Weir
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The Princess of Scotland is an e-short and companion piece to Katheryn Howard: The Tainted Queen, the compelling fifth novel in the Six Tudor Queens series by bestselling author and historian Alison Weir. 'The King would not approve of my falling in love ... My marriage was in his gift' Brought up in the magnificent castles of Scotland under the storm of her parent's turbulent marriage, Margaret Douglas is well-acquainted with the changing whims of those who hold power. And when her father is exiled by King James V, Margaret is sent to England to seek refuge with her uncle, King Henry VIII. Margaret is an asset to Henry, who plans to use her eligible marriage status for his own advantage. But, surrounded by the excitement and indulgences of the English court, will Margaret be able to resist the temptations of a young admirer? As she well knows, keeping secrets from the King can be a dangerous game...

This version of Scottish lineage can also be found in the Declaration of Arbroath, an important document written in 1320 by the barons and noblemen of Scotland requesting the intervention of the Pope on their behalf during the Wars of ... Stewart, Mary Lady Princess of Scotland Edmonstone b. 1380 Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland d.

Margaret ruled as regent Queen of Scotland for two years—but her secret marriage to the Duke of Angus caused problems. Margaret of Wessex (c.1045-16 November 1093) Known posthumously as Saint Margaret of Scotland, this English princess was born in exile and became queen-consort of Scotland. Known for her piety and... Margaret was born between 1453 and 1460, the daughter of James II of Scotland and Mary of Guelders.