Am I Burned out at Work?

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Visit and . Are you tired of the daily grind of work? Do you feel like calling in sick daily? Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to complete projects? You may be suffering from workplace burnout. It's a dysfunctional state not diagnosed by labs or x-rays, but it has a real effect on people's lives. Burnout permeates all cultures and pervades almost all institutions and organizations. It occurs when expectations outstrip reality or when work-related conflict erupts between employee and employer. But there is good news; your body gives you warning signs, and it's a treatable condition. In Am I Burned Out at Work?, author Dr. Salar A. Khan examines the topic of workplace burnout against the backdrop of his personal experience and his professional work and observations as a physician. He examines the role of the primary physician in screening burnout, addresses the phases of burnout, and gives advice for prevention. With a self-assessment tool included, this guide presents lessons and a step-by-step self-care solution to give you ultimate control of your health and well-being.

By Stephanie Taylor Christensen. May 16, 2017 Getty Images. defines burnout as, "Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress." You work too hard and then start burning out, so you take a step back. If that doesn't happen automatically, take steps to make sure it does.