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'Tony Park is a master storyteller. I love his work.' DEON MEYERAfrica, 1906: A young Australian adventurer is condemned to death.Sydney, the present: journalist Nick Eatwell has just lost his job, but his day is brightened when a fellow reporter, South African Susan Vidler, comes into his life looking for help with a story.Susan is chasing information about Nick's great-great uncle, Cyril Blake, who fought in the Anglo-Boer War and later joined the struggle for independence across the border in the German colony of South West Africa, now Namibia.A long-lost manuscript proves Nick's forebear was a somewhat reluctant hero. Soldier, deserter, cattle rustler and freedom fighter, Blake was helping the lost cause before the Kaiser's forces ordered his assassination.In Germany, historian Anja Berghoff is researching the origins of the famed desert horses of Namibia. She's also interested in Blake and an Irish-German firebrand and spy, Claire Martin, with whom Cyril had an affair.Nick and Anja head to Africa on the trail of a legend, but someone else is delving into the past, looking for clues to the secret location of a missing horde of gold that's worth killing for.Spanning two centuries, Ghosts of the Past is based on a true story. PRAISE FOR GHOSTS OF THE PAST'Thrilling adventure based on a true story' Daily Telegraph'As with all Park's books, the pace is fast' Army News'Even more captivating because it is based on a true story' Weekly Times'Park once again shows why he is one of Australia's preeminent thriller writers. Cleverly utilising multiple timelines to tell an outstanding story across Africa's history, this is an amazing novel. Highly recommended.' Canberra Weekly

Buy a discounted Paperback of Ghosts of the Past online from Australia's leading online bookstore. A Ghost from the Past; Finishes Quest Journal Entry; Green-Venom-Tongue is arranging transportation for us to his former Sanctuary. When I'm ready to depart, I should meet him near the gates of Anvil.

I was then touched on the back twice but there was nobody behind me. Ghosts of the Past, quest walkthrough and hints. If Letho is alive, which you could have decided in the "Imperial Audience" quest, then when you visit the Reardon Manor in Velen, you will receive this quest.