1000 Trivia Questions

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Tom Trifonoff
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As the name suggests, that's what this book is all about. The 1000 Trivia Questions is a book designed to test and challenge your thinking skills on a wide range of trivia questions. The questions are the same (if not easier) that you would get at any quiz or trivia night. They have been designed to be challenging, but not impossible, to answer. The wide variety of topics-including history, geography, sport, entertainment, science, current events, famous (and infamous) people, math, and food and dining-means all people will be able to answer the questions. The 1000 Trivia Questions book can be used to plan quiz and trivia nights-just pick the questions you want to use. Or it can be used by people to see who has a wealth of trivial information stored in their brains. This book can also be used in classrooms of senior primary students to middle secondary and beyond. 1000 Trivia Questions is designed to be used when people want to challenge themselves and others on things in our world. As well as the questions, all the answers are provided at the back of the book. It has been designed this way to stop prying eyes having a quick peek before answering the question-not that the majority would do that anyway. Enjoy the fun and challenge of 1000 Trivia Questions.

They help in remembering small things, which people do not notice usually. It is a game of parties, homes, schools, and everyone can play them regardless of age and race.

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