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Jack Charles
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Stolen from his mother and placed into institutional care when he was only a few months old, Uncle Jack was raised under the government's White Australia Policy. The loneliness and isolation he experienced during those years had a devastating impact on him that endured long after he reconnected with his Aboriginal roots and discovered his stolen identity. Even today he feels like an outsider; a loner; a fringe dweller. In this honest and no-holds-barred memoir, Uncle Jack reveals the 'ups and downs of this crazy, drugged up, locked up, fucked up, and at times unbelievable, life'. From his sideline as a cat burglar, battles with drug addiction and stints in prison, to gracing the nation's stages and screens as he dazzled audiences with his big personality and acting prowess, he takes us through the most formative moments of his life. By turns heartbreaking and hilarious, Jack Charles: Born-again Blakfella is a candid and uplifting memoir from one of Australia's finest and most beloved actors.

Now on the cusp of his 76th birthday, he's ready to tell the full story of how he became a born-again Blakfella and one of Australia's best-loved actors. Jack Charles (b. 1943), actor, Indigenous elder and activist, was born at the Cummeragunja Mission on the Murray River and taken from his mother when he was less than twelve months old. Uncle Jack Charles is an Australian legend: Indigenous elder, actor, musician, activist and up until recently, heroin addict... One of the nation's most respected and enduring actors, Uncle Jack Charles is a member of Australia's stolen generation.

A member of the Stolen Generation, Jack has spent his life in between acting gigs, caught in the addiction/crime/doing time cycle. Uncle Jack Charles, 71, is a respected Aboriginal elder around the city streets of Melbourne, particularly over the north side, where he has resided for many years. A guided meditation with Uncle Jack Charles Join Aboriginal Elder and Actor Uncle Jack Charles as he narrates a guided meditation, produced in partnership with Smiling Mind. This event will be made available for streaming from this page and from the Smiling Mind app from Monday 9 November. Uncle Jack Charles: not true blue, true blak Jack was born in Melbourne in 1943.