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**From the author of the Sunday Times bestselling The 4 Pillar Plan** ***'One of the most influential doctors in the UK (...) I could talk to Rangan all day (...) he's amazing'***- Chris Evans Become a calmer, happier and healthier you with Dr Rangan Chatterjee's The Stress Solution. In this book, BBC One's Dr Rangan Chatterjee, draws on two decades of practice to show you how to make easy-to-follow and sustainable health and lifestyle improvements to your everyday life. Top tips include: · How to breathe to feel happier · How to schedule in "me time" · How to become less addicted to your phone · How to find and ignite your passion At no extra cost, learn how to slow down and feel calmer and more in control of your life by investing in your long-term health. 'Small changes make a big difference - we can all benefit from reading this' - Jamie Oliver

The Stress Solution The solution for managers is going to be finding tailored solutions that can adjust to the variety of stress triggers in a workplace. For example, if a large number of your workers are parents and they experience stress because they need to get through a full day's work before picking up their children after school, consider flexible working . The Stress Solution.

I love the section on reframing your day and on taking some social media breaks. The benefit to taking some social media breaks is astonishing.