The Year of the Farmer

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Rosalie Ham
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'A book that delights, appeals but never waivers in its brutal honesty. If you didn't laugh, you'd cry.' Sue Maslin, producer of The DressmakerIn a quiet farming town somewhere in country New South Wales, war is brewing.The last few years have been punishingly dry, especially for the farmers, but otherwise, it's all Neralie Mackintosh's fault. If she'd never left town then her ex, the hapless but extremely eligible Mitchell Bishop, would never have fallen into the clutches of the truly awful Mandy, who now lords it over everyone as if she owns the place.Now that Neralie has returned, the whole town is determined to reinstate her to her rightful position in the social order. But Mandy has other ideas. Meanwhile the head of the local water board is looking for a way to line her pockets at the expense of hardworking farmers. And Mandy and Neralie's war may be just the chance she was looking for...'Rosalie Ham's love affair with the Australian landscape is a heartbeat on every page.' Canberra Times'The Year of the Farmer is full of loveable larrikins and lying louses - all of them truly enjoyable, believable Aussie characters who will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens to them.' Daily Telegraph'A tightly plotted, highly entertaining romp that poses some big questions.' Saturday Paper

The Dressmaker was published in 2000, Summer at Mount Hope in 2005, There Should be More Dancing in 2011 and, finally, The Year of the Farmer in 2018.. The latest novel reminds the reader of Ham's uncanny ability to accurately portray a small community beset by internal squabbles. 2012 was designated in Australia as the Year of the Farmer, and there have been activities and events during the year reminding Australians to celebrate how much farmers contribute to every aspect of our daily life.

And the new pub opener Neralie, Who happens to be the ex love of Mitch. The drama between Mandy and Neralie plays out whilst the local townspeople struggle with the local water authority.