Two Rivers

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T. Greenwood
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T. Greenwood's new novel is a powerful, haunting tale of enduring love and destructive secrets... In Two Rivers, Vermont, Harper Montgomery is living a life overshadowed by grief and guilt. Since the death of his wife twelve years earlier, Harper has narrowed his world to working at the local railroad and raising his daughter the best way he knows how. Still wracked with sorrow over the loss of his life-long love and plagued by his role in a brutal crime, he searches for absolution. Then one fall day, a train derails in Two Rivers. One of the survivors, a pregnant fifteen-year-old girl with mismatched eyes and skin the colour of blackberries, needs a place to stay. Though filled with misgivings, Harper offers to take Maggie in; a chance of atonement. It isn't long, however, before he begins to suspect that Maggie's appearance in Two Rivers is not the simple case of coincidence it first appeared to be...

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