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The 21st century has brought a cornucopia of new knowledge and technologies. But there has been little progress in our ability to solve social problems using social innovation - the deliberate invention of new solutions to meet social needs - across the globe. Geoff Mulgan is a pioneer in the global field of social innovation. Building on his experience advising international governments, businesses and foundations, he explains how it provides answers to today's global social, economic and sustainability issues. He argues for matching R&D in technology and science with a socially focused R&D and harnessing creative imagination on a larger scale than ever before. Weaving together history, ideas, policy and practice, he shows how social innovation is now coming of age, offering a comprehensive view of what can be done to solve the global social challenges we face.

At innoFaith, we think of social innovation in terms of a framework for addressing social problems, a posture that enables change, and some strategic attributes that drive impact. Contact the Social Innovation Research Institute If your organisation would like to collaborate with us to solve a complex problem, or you simply want to contact our team, get in touch by calling +61 3 9214 8180 or emailing [email protected] Social Innovation Exchange is of great interest to the Rudd Government. Why it should be of interest is perhaps best explained by setting out some of our priorities in relation to social inclusion.

Together we tackle big social challenges and build the conditions for social innovation. Social Innovation Labs are also a growing phenomenon. The Rockefeller Foundation have a series of articles that explore this work and its impact: How Social Innovation Labs Design and Scale Impact and How Social Innovation Labs Contribute to Transformative Change; The Harvard Business Review's on innovation In November 2014 Sometimes the Best Ideas come from Outside your Industry speaks to ... We are the Social Innovation Exchange We work globally to facilitate purposeful cross sector conversations, that challenge and inspire people to use innovation to increase social impact.