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Want to stop buying cannabis and grow your own marijuana instead? This comprehensive book by the creator of The Cannabis Gardener website shows you how! Every step is included, from making your own organic soil to curing your freshly harvested weed. Here's a sample of what How to Grow Organic Cannabis covers: -An organic soil recipe PLUS detailed instructions for mixing it -Instructions for making your own compost -How to deal with pests like Spider Mites and Budworms -What to expect in Veg and Flower -Guidelines for choosing the perfect harvest time -How to dry and cure your cannabis -A shopping list to remove any guesswork from your grow Plus all the little tips needed along the way to a successful grow. Nothing is hidden or obscured. The instructions contained in How to Grow Organic Cannabis are exactly how the author grows his own legal weed. Lots of pictures, easy-to-follow instructions, and an author whose mission is to "get you to the finish line with smokeable weed" make this book a must-have for brand new growers and experienced growers looking to grow organically. Happy Growing!

Well thanks for coming here. Speaker 1: ( 01:01) Um, it's basically what we got is it's this [inaudible] it's the equivalent of an organically something that would be grown under organic standards. To grow cannabis, we generally build our own soil and then reuse it year after year as recycled organic living soil, following a mostly "no till" philosophy.

As it decomposes, the compost becomes home to a world of insects, larvae, and fungi. We are going clean a certified clean cannabis. What is certified clean cannabis dos and tell us about this right here.