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For twenty years, Steve Biddulph’s groundbreaking book Manhood and the revised edition, The New Manhood, have had a remarkable impact around the world. Thousands of men have reconciled with their fathers, become more involved with their children, rejuvenated their marriages and made sweeping changes to their lives. Steve explores every aspect of a man’s life in an honest and uplifting way: love, friendship, sex, marriage, raising children, spirituality and finding your true work – all in plain language and illustrated by powerful, real-life stories. This is a handbook for men of all ages, and for the women who love them.‘Read this book and you’ll make the world a better place, by making yourself a better man.’ – Richard Glover, ABC broadcaster and author of The Mud House‘This book . . . reveals important truths about our culture and our world, and how they shape . . . who we are and what we become.’ – Richard Eckersley, researcher and writer on progress and wellbeing, author of Well & Good: Morality, Meaning and Happiness‘This landmark work is for those who truly want to understand and nurture the men and boys in their lives, and for men who want to understand themselves better.’ – Maggie Hamilton, writer, social researcher, publisher and author of many books including What Men Don’t Talk About

The book went on to achieve international fame with its invitation to all men to escape their 'prison of self'. And now it's back in a new version, as a handbook for 'a new kind of man'. The New Manhood: The Handbook for a New Kind of Man.

FREE ... The New Manhood Steve Biddulph Chapter One The problem 'Have you seen the look in the eye of a 35-year-old man?' Robert Bly T he problem can be put very simply. Most men don't have a life.