The Exphoria Code

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Antony Johnston
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NEW SPIES. NEW RULES.Brigitte Sharp is a brilliant but haunted young MI6 hacker. When she decodes encrypted online messages, which she believes are connected to her best friend's murder, Bridge uncovers evidence of a mole inside a top secret Anglo-French military drone project. Forced back into the field by MI6, after three years deskbound and in therapy, she discovers that the truth behind the Exphoria code is far worse than she could have imagined. Soon she's on the run, desperate and alone, as a nuclear terrorist plot unfolds around her...The first book in a major new techno-thriller series featuring cyber-espionage specialist Brigitte Sharp.'Very possibly the definitive espionage thriller of the early 21st century' - ALAN MOORE'Antony Johnston is a talent to look out for and this, his latest entry into the world of espionage, is a treat' - ANTHONY HOROWITZ

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Read, memorise, and destroy. THE EXPHORIA CODE When psychologically damaged M16 hacker Brigitte Sharp decodes encrypted messages which she believes are linked to her best friend's murder, it pitches her back into a world she thought she'd left a long way behind: a treacherous landscape of moles, hard-ass Soviet agents, scarily ruthless bad guys, and cutting-edge spycraft. The Exphoria Code is the perfect modern espionage thriller' Imagined Things Bookshop, Harrogate 'I loved The Exphoria Code: mixing real-world political issues with old school spying, it has a layered protagonist who is not a cookie-cutter 'woman in a man's world'' Rachel Read It 'Full of action, fast paced: I was hooked from the ... The Exphoria Code by Antony Johnston. 20th August 2019.