Impregnated By The Callous Emperor

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Lovillia Hearst
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Taken as a young girl to work as a maid in the villa of Emperor Augustus, Cassia finds he's interested in more that her abilities as a servant when she comes of age.

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A member of our new dynasty!" The Turks, although very fanatical and greater proselyters than the Christians of Rome, seem now and then to relax in favor of general utility, as we find Bajazet II writing to the Pope, Alexander VI, supplicating his Holiness to confer a cardinal's hat on the Archbishop of Arles as a special favor to the Turkish emperor, as he knew that the archbishop had a secret leaning toward ... In Construction Joshua Anton Orzechowski, known by his aliases Oculus, Emperor Oculus, Okurusu, Kuchiku Khan, Iszuniko, The Metal King, Emperor of Discord, Tenebris, or simply The Emperor is an immensely powerful Omniversal emperor and the true main antagonist of the Rise of Oculus story arc, as well as one of the many overarching antagonists of CIS Productions Universe. He serves as a master ...  ... 1 Who's Emmitt? 2 Lore Biography/History 2.1 First Dive 2.2 Involvment with the VRPD and the Bagel Bandits 2.3 Off-Duty 2.4 With Ashunera 2.5 The Judge is Back 2.6 Off the Records 3 Trivia 4 Links 5 Gallery Emmitt is a penguin, that much is obvious and like other VRChat penguins he has some form of ridiculousness hiding underneath those flip flappers.