The power of action

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Paulo Vieira
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The best-selling business book in Brazil. WAKE UP TO THE GOALS YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE Have you ever looked in the mirror and not liked those few extra pounds? Ever watched your career moment with only frustration? Ever felt disconnected from your family and friends? If you think these situations are normal, think again! Paulo Vieira invites you to break the vicious cycle and start on a path of accomplishment. For that, he introduces the method that was responsible for impacting 250,000 people throughout his career, and which could be the key to what you are looking for: •Learn to make the right decisions •Know how to get successful answers •Reprogram your mind •Develop new abilities •Conquer the life you have always wanted in six months •Increase your fi nancial and professional skills There is no other option. Rewriting your future is in your hands.

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