With These Two Hands

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Lori Ryan, Kay Manis
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USA TODAY calls Ryan and Manis the "ideal romance-writing duo." With These Two Hands is book four in The Sumner Brothers Series but it can be read as a stand-alone book. Or start with the first book, Born to be My Baby! He was on top of the world. She's hit rock bottom. Heart surgeon, Aaron Sumner would rather be in the operating arena than anywhere else in the world. With a scalpel in his hand, he knew who he was and what he was put on this earth to do. A tremor tears it all away from him. After more than a decade away, he's coming home to Canyon Creek to see if there's a place for him in the small town he once loved. With his head so screwed up, there's no place in his life for any more complications. Dr. Kayleigh Montgomery is a complication. He didn't expect the woman who put him in his place at his brother's wedding to be the one to show him there's more to life than an operating table and sleepless nights. If Kayleigh Montgomery's upbringing among Boston's elite taught her anything, it's that accepting help from others means letting them control you. She walked away from the family money and moved across the country. With her vet business failing, holding it all together seems impossible. Even more impossible? Ignoring the way her heart races when Aaron Sumner offers his helping hands.But she needs to do just that if she's going to stay focused where she needs to be: on her work, her livelihood, and her success. Anything less would mean admitting failure. They didn't plan to be lovers, and they sure don't want to be friends, but in the town of Canyon Creek, there's no avoiding the inevitable: falling in love. This book was previously published as His Best Friend Born to be My Baby, Book 1 (Ben and Maggie) Never Say Goodbye, Book 2 (Aaron and Kayleigh) Thank You for Loving Me, Book 3 (Max and Devlin) With These Two Hands, Book 4 (Aaron and Kayleigh) I'll Be There for You, Book 5 (Jake and Lina) If That's What It Takes, Book 6 (Grant and Sophie)

Harris. These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love ... Directed by Benar Geer.

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