One And Done

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Cynthia Sax
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He wants one night. I want forever. Hit it and quit it-that's Smoke Sheridan's relationship philosophy. The tall, dark, and dangerous club owner never spends more than one night with any woman. He seduces the broken-hearted, leaving them with smiles on their faces and a sexual confidence other men can't resist. I need his services. My boyfriend of four years dumped me because I'm a lousy lay. Smoke can help me win him back, teach me how to make my man writhe in ecstasy. I'll show him such bliss, he'll bellow my name in the dark of the night, want me with an all-consuming desire. This sounds like a great plan. Except I see the loneliness in Smoke's eyes, feel the wistfulness in his touch, experience the wanting in his embrace. The player isn't as shallow as he appears. And I've never been good at letting go. One And Done contains inappropriate humor, very bad pickup lines, a BBW heroine who doesn't know what she's doing and a player who thinks he does. This is a standalone story.

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