Sugar is Sweet

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Jenika Snow, Sam Crescent
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From the moment Millie walked into his restaurant looking for a job, Lucas wanted her. But being with her would cause problems. He was her boss and it was against the rules ... his rules. Not to mention, as a single father, he couldn't just let any woman near his son. But Millie was different. He knew she was special from the moment he looked at her. No matter what he planned, Lucas knew he had to have her and he was willing to do whatever it took to claim her as his. Wanting her boss came with plenty of complications, mainly that Millie knew there was no reason for a man like Lucas to want someone like her. Gorgeous, intelligent and successful, he wouldn't be interested in a Plain Jane girl like her. But when he showed interest, Millie didn't try to fight the chemistry they had. As Valentine's Day approached and the restaurant was in full swing with everyone wanting to express their love, Lucas and Millie's relationship bloomed. But what would happen if Lucas wanted to take it to the next level? Could Millie throw caution to the wind and give herself fully to Lucas in the name of love?

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The solution ... With such a sweet taste they must be 'loaded with sugar', but is this bad for you? As with all starchy foods, the starches convert to certain types of '-ose' i.e. gluc-ose, fruct-ose, sucr-ose etc.