Triana's Spring Seduction

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Tabetha Waite
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It's the Season of the Spinster - the first book in a brand new series! Just how far is the lady willing to go... Lady Triana Abernathy knew she was destined to be a spinster ever since the scandal surrounding her father the night of her debut ball. It's only through her brother's good connections that their family is even accepted in polite society. While Triana cares nothing for the *ton,*the arrival of the Duke of Chiltern changes everything. He is everything she might have ever dreamed of in a husband, but she knows that something isn't quite right about his sudden resurgence in London. Thankfully, she's willing to do her part in uncovering his secrets. To learn what the gentleman is hiding? Gabriel Wilde, the Duke of Chiltern, is on an undercover mission to find out who is behind the illegal smuggling in the city. Upon his father's death, he returns to society under the perfect guise of assuming the title, believing the culprit to be within the ton. With the help of a trusted colleague, Gabriel believes that when he's done, he can move on with his life - away from England and the unpleasant memories that go along with it. But when he meets Triana, he finds he's not quite as eager to leave as he once was. Unfortunately, the only problem is trying to keep her out of trouble. So he does the only thing he can think of to keep her occupied - seduction.

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