Taming The Tulanes Box Set Books 4-5

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Kay Lyons
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TAMING THE TULANES BOX SET BOOKS 4-5 THE NANNY'S SECRET Showing up on her sister's doorstep several years after stealing her man might not be the smartest thing to do, but Megan Rose is out of choices. Sick, with $3 in her pocket and no gas in the tank, she's ready to eat as much crow necessary to get back on her feet and leave for good-hopefully having made amends. As much as his sister-in-law wants Megan gone, Ethan Tulane needs her to stay. She's the only one able to communicate with his newly-adopted, French-speaking son, who has a tendency to make a run for it at every opportunity like he's still trying to escape his war-torn country. His son and Megan quickly form an unusual bond, and it isn't long before Ethan realizes they're both running scared and traumatized. He understands his son's behavior-but Megan's? His protective instincts screaming, Ethan is determined to uncover the nanny's secret... SOMEONE TO TRUST Travel writer Alexandra Tulane keeps her identity secret in order to get honest takeaways from her experiences, but when she goes to review a remote Alaskan lodge, she can't shake the fact her pilot looks oddly familiar. Accused of murdering his wife and her lover, acclaimed novelist Dylan Bower went into hiding with his traumatized son. But as Dylan and Alexandra grow closer, her secret identity and his past collide... How can they be together when neither consider the other someone to trust? LOOKING FOR MORE SWEET/CLEAN AND WHOLESOME BOOKS? TRY THESE! TAMING THE TULANES SERIES:SMALL TOWN SCANDAL THEIR SECRET BARGAIN CROSSING THE LINE THE NANNY'S SECRET SOMEONE TO TRUSTTHE STONE RIVER SERIES:WORTH THE WAIT NOT BY SIGHT THROUGH THE VALLEY LEAD ME NOT CHRISTMAS AT HOLLY WOOD THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE SECOND CHANCESMONTANA SECRETS SERIES:HEALING HER COWBOY IT HAD TO BE YOU HERS TO KEEP MILLION DOLLAR STANDOFF HIS CHRISTMAS WISH THEIR SECRET SONSMALL TOWN SCANDALS SERIES:BRODY'S REDEMPTION FALLING FOR HER BOSS WITH THIS MANSECRET SANTA SERIES:Secret Santa Secret Santa IICOMING SOON! THE SEASIDE SISTERS SERIES:THE LAST GOODBYE LATTES AND LULLABYES MAP OF DREAMS WORTH THE RISK LOST LOVE FOUNDFor more information about Kay Lyons, please visit her website at kaylyonsauthor.com. You can also find her at the following:@KayLyonsAuthor (Twitter)Kay Lyons Author (Facebook)Author_Kay_Lyons (Instagram)Kay Lyons, Author (Pinterest)

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Goodreads members who liked Small Town Scandal ... I loved this book, it was the first one in a while where the heroine didn't immediately fall in lust with the guy. She felt something but there wasn't a strong urge to jump is bones all the time.