Wounds into Wisdom

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Tirzah Firestone
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Intergenerational trauma is an emerging subject of great interest and scientific studyAcclaimed author has been previously published by major houses and is a leader in the International Jewish Renewal Movement and the current co-chair for the North American Rabbinic Call for Human Rights. She is the younger sister of the famous feminist writer Shulamith Firestone.Book combines insights from neuroscience and clinical psychology which shows that even when they are hidden, trauma histories, from persecution and deportation, leave imprints on future generations. As such, intergenerational trauma affects most people.Book includes inspiring personal stories showing how trauma legacies can be transformed and healed. The brave characters in Wounds Into Wisdom remind us of our own human capacity to rise up after devastation and reclaim our innate wisdom and inner freedom.Book features 7 Principles for identifying and healing inherited cultural traumaSeveral high-profile endorsements are anticipated. We have already received promises of endorsements from Susannah Herschel, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Howard Schwartz, Prof Art Green, Rodger Kamenetz, R. Naomi Levy, R. Arthur Waskow, Tikkun Editor-in-chief Michael Lerner, R. Joseph Telushkin, Dr. William Ury, Dr Judith Rosenbaum, ED of Jewish Women's Archives, Mirabai Starr and possibly Gloria Steinman.Author will be very involved in the book's promotion including tour and the writing of op-ed pieces.Galleys (and e-galleys via Edleweiss) available 4-6 months in advance of publicationAuthor Tour: NYC, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Portland OR, Ashland OR, Ashville, NC, Miami, Austen TX, St. Louis, Greensboro, NC, Boulder CO.Audience: General trade, Jewish Studies, Feminists, Psychology, Neuroscience, AnthropologyMarketingPublicize to major dailies, weeklies, alternative publications. Major radio and television push. Outreach to Jewish media and blogs. Outreach to psychology media and blogs. Extensive author tour in conjunction with author's teaching and speaking engagements Op-ed writing Display & giveaways at BEA & ALA Extensive social media campaign. Galleys available in November 2018. eBook to be published simultaneously with print editions Select library promotions

It takes a master with courage to turn and face the darkness and shine his own light there." In "Wounds into Wisdom," Rabbi Firestone synthesizes the multifaceted effect of trauma on the Jewish people's collective and individual psychology. She draws on biological and social science as well as anecdotal narratives to illustrate the experience of modern Jews reconciling with our family's difficult histories.

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