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Bring your why to work. Start where you are.A higher purpose than profit is now an imperative for a thriving workplace. Purpose answers the fundamental questions of…Why are we here? What is most meaningful to us? How is the world better because we exist? What is the legacy we’re leaving?The Purpose Project is a practical handbook filled with models, real-life stories and practices for business leaders, employees, entrepreneurs and students who are committed to bringing meaning to life at work. The book shows you how to integrate your personal work purpose with the higher purpose of your organisation starting right where you are, right now.Personal Work Purpose: Work with the Ikigai purpose model and 50 self-reflection questions to find your why and then bring it to work (BYO Purpose).Organisational Purpose: Learn how to become a Purpose Activist to co-create and co-activate your company purpose so that everyone takes responsibility for it.The 12 Practices of Purpose: Discover how to become a Practitioner of Purpose through 12 essential practices such as finding courage, curiosity, creativity and re-learning.The Purpose Project: Commit to your own personal and organisational purpose project/s to experiment with your why and step boldly onto the path to purpose.

Leave with a blueprint that will empower you to unlock the ... Purpose Project's mission is to democratize the skills to help all learners live a life of meaning and impact. The Purpose Project a project at Duke makes question of character, purpose and meaning signature features of the Duke community and develops evidence-based program models for Duke and peer institutions across the country. The Project strives to facilitate diverse conversations, foster unlikely partnerships, and field experiments inside and outside the classroom that enable students ... The Purpose Project is a program conceptualized and owned by Ergos Mind.

It applies proven methodologies and uses current software tools so you can plan, control, and monitor people, processes, and other components needed to make your project a success. The purpose of a project explains the reason for its existence. It is the sense of what is done, the ambition or the dream pursued by the project or the direction it takes and maintains.