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David F. Marks, Emee Vida Estacio, Michael Murray
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Health psychology students will need to understand how to evaluate and critically-appraise the latest theory and research before it can be applied. This fully-revised and updated Fifth Edition takes a critical approach and places health psychology in a real-world context, enabling students to understand how public policy, theory and research can influence communities and individuals alike.The new Fifth Edition includes:9 new and expanded chaptersUpdated material on stress and coping, doctor-patient communication, death, dying, bereavement and quality of lifeIntroductions to the social, political and economic conditions that influence our healthBreadth of coverage from social inequality through to chronic illness and screeningThis book also comes with access to fantastic online resources including multiple choice quizzes, case studies, test banks and slides that can be easily integrated into your institution's virtual learning environment or learning management system. This allows you to customize and curate content for use in module preparation, delivery and assessment. For instructions on how to upload the resources you want, please visit the Instructors' page or alternatively, contact your local SAGE sales representative.

Psychological factors can affect health directly. Health psychology has played an important role in Australia's efforts to successfully develop and implement prevention strategies, for example related to heart health (Oldenberg & Owen, 1990). It has been clearly identified that chronic health conditions require people to adopt numerous treatment requirements, and that health behaviour change is a crucial component of adherence to these ... Health psychology is the study biological processes.

The course begins by describing the emergence of the field of health psychology, models of health behaviour, and a basic understanding of biological processes. The course then goes on to examine in detail various topics that ... Psychology & Health.