RTI for Diverse Learners

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Catherine C. Collier
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"Collier provides research-based and classroom-proven intervention strategies that allow schools to effectively address learning and adaptation issues of diverse students. By using these strategies within an RTI model, school teams can ensure that the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students are appropriately identified and addressed." -Laura Lukens, ELL Program Coordinator North Kansas City Schools, MO "This easy-to-understand, practical book helps teachers put clear guidelines, effective collaboration, and appropriate decision-making processes in place to distinguish between students who are merely in the process of second-language acquisition and those who have genuine special education needs." -Amy Mazur, Lead Faculty for Bilingual Special Education, Professor of Special Education The George Washington University Provide targeted instruction to ELLs and other diverse learners! Many Response to Intervention (RTI) models were developed to identify specific learning disabilities in English-speaking students. When using RTI with culturally and linguistically diverse students, especially non-native English speakers and those with limited English proficiency, educators must look beyond students' academic performance in reading and mathematics to address complex learning and behavior issues. This research-based resource provides more than 200 instructional interventions for teaching the growing population of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds within an RTI framework. Organized by the tiers of RTI, these specific interventions help classroom teachers address students' cognitive, behavior, literacy, and communication issues at each level. This book features:A reader-friendly format that allows busy teachers to easily find the interventions they need Straightforward, concrete directions for using each intervention Examples from practice and a glossary to aid implementationRTI for Diverse Learners offers step-by-step guidance for distinguishing between language development and special education needs in diverse students and providing appropriate instruction.

Collier. Buy a discounted Paperback of RTI for Diverse Learners online from Australia's leading online bookstore. RTI for Diverse Learners: More Than 200 Instructional Interventions by Collier, Catherine published by Corwin (2010) [aa] on Amazon.com.au.

Collier, 9781412971621, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Introduction: Framework for Instructional Intervention with Diverse Learners The biggest mistake of past centuries in teaching has been to treat all children as if they were variants of the same individual, and thus to feel justified in teaching them the same subjects in the same ways. — HowardGardner (in Siegel & Shaughnessy, 1994) Book > Professional Books > Teaching Strategies for Diverse Students × × × Resources to help you teach online.