You Walk, He Leads

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Soon-Hock Lim
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You Walk, He Leads is not the usual 7-steps to discover God's will; it's about walking in relationship with the Lord to know Him who wants you to know and do His will. The book argues that the first step to do God's will is not about trying to discover God's hidden will, it's about discerning God's revealed will. Can you imagine God saying, "I want you to do My will. Now go figure!"? Part 1 of You Walk, He Leads deals with three fundamental issues about discerning and doing God's will, such as, Is God's will a dot or a circle? Part 2 discusses the key elements that a person needs to discern and walk in God's will. One of which is about having the right values. Personal values have the power to influence a person's decision. Godly values lead to right decisions, ungodly values lead to wrong decisions. Part 3 provides the reader with three excellent tools to help him or her to walk in the Lord's direction for his or her life: Marking Your Milestones, Drawing Your Timeline and Framing Your Purpose. You Walk, He Leads is written by a Malaysian Christian in the Malaysian context, but the principles are universal. The book is written in an easy-to-read style and well-illustrated with biblical and personal examples.

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