Excel 2019 Formulas & Functions

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M.L. Humphrey
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In this final book of the Excel Essentials 2019 series, Excel 2019 Formulas and Functions, M.L. Humphrey takes a deeper dive into how formulas and functions work in Microsoft Excel. Learn the difference between formulas and functions and how to find any function you need in Excel as well as how to troubleshoot common issues with formulas and functions. Approximately sixty functions are covered in detail, including functions like IFS and TEXTJOIN that were added for Excel 2019. In total, over a hundred functions are covered in this book. By the time you're done you should be comfortable working with formulas and functions in Excel, know how to use the most common functions, and know how to find others when you need them.

... Below are guides to help you learn more about Excel's formulas and functions.

Excel CONCAT Function The Excel CONCAT function concatenates (joins) values supplied as references or constants. lookup_value is the value you want to match in lookup_array.It can be a number, text, or logical value that's typed manually or referred to via a cell reference. This is required.