A Summoning of Demons

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Cate Glass
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Cate Glass's A Summoning of Demons marks the thrilling conclusion for the Chimera team, a ragtag crew who use their forbidden magic for the good of the kingdom. Catagna has been shaken to its core. The philosophists insist that a disastrous earthquake has been caused by an ancient monster imprisoned below the earth, who can only be freed with magic. In every street and market, the people of Catagna are railing against magic-users with a greater ferocity than ever before, and magic hunters are everywhere. Meanwhile, Romy has been dreaming. Every night, her dreams are increasingly vivid and disturbing. Every day, she struggles to understand the purpose of the Chimera's most recent assignment from the Shadow Lord. As Romy and the others attempt to carry out their mission, they find themselves plunged into a mystery of corruption and murder, myth and magic, and a terrifying truth: the philosophists may have been right all along. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Mammon was worshipped for hundreds of years as a wealth deity in the ancient world, especially by Phoenicians who were a wealthy trade-oriented nation. Mammon is also known as the Ambassador to England, another wealthy country. Furcas is a Knight of Hell (the rank of Knight is unique to him), and rules 20 legions of demons.

When most people enter Satanism one of the first questions they ask is "How can I summon a demon?" Still, there is very little practical information on the internet about demon summoning. Summoning a Demon, is a very advanced stage of occult.The litmus test, upon which depends your life, for the rest of its period, irrevocably, is this. What do you do, or say, or wish, or command, what ever the case may be, to the summoned entity.