So Worth Loving

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Eryn Eddy, Terence Lester, Mike Foster (Foreword by)
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To be human means to try and sometimes fail, to love and sometimes lose, to risk and sometimes regret. There are times when we realize where our choices have brought us and we're afraid to be honest--with ourselves, with others, with God--about how we're really feeling and how we got to where we are. Because what if no one understands? What if they think less of us? What if God is disappointed with us? Eryn Eddy wants you to know that no matter your past mistakes, relationship status, career choice, or feelings, nothing can change the truth that you are so worth loving. In this openhearted book, she takes you by the hand and helps you look in, look out, and look up, exploring your relationship with yourself, others, and God. She gives you permission to feel deeply and openly before God, who isn't afraid of our feelings, no matter what they are. And she lovingly reminds you that you are not crazy, you are not alone, and you will get through this.

Documented by Lisa Larson what do the words 'so worth loving' mean to you? They mean that you are LOVED, and I am LOVED, period. I have been blessed to travel the globe many times...

Your reminder. No matter my history, past mistakes, relationship status, or career choice, I am worthy of ... So Worth Loving Virtual (examples: Webinar, Skype) FREE VIRTUAL EVENT - We all want another chance and some times our shame and guilt from the past tell us we aren't worthy of one.