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Michael Connelly
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Season One of the ten-part television series BOSCH, starring Titus Welliver as Detective Harry Bosch, is based on three Harry Bosch thrillers: The Concrete Blonde, City of Bones and Echo Park.In 1993 Harry Bosch was assigned the case of a missing person, Marie Gesto. The young woman was never found - dead or alive - and the case has haunted Bosch ever since.Thirteen years later, Bosch is in the Open Unsolved Unit when he gets a call from the DA's office. A man accused of two killings is willing to confess to several other murders in a deal to avoid the death penalty. One of his victims, he says, is Marie Gesto.Bosch begins to crack when he realises that he and his partner missed a clue back in 1993 which could have prevented the nine murders that followed the killing of Marie Gesto.

Element Pack #3 ... Echo Park - The parents of a 27-year-old man who died of an overdose at a drug and alcohol recovery center last year are suing the facility, alleging their son obtained the drugs from a roommate who also died there the previous day in the same fashion. Rollover crash in Echo Park.

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