I Am Lilith

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Melanie Dufty
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This is a rollicking reimagined story of Lilith, who in Jewish mythology was married to Adam before Eve, leaving him when he insisted on being above her. Her refusal to submit saw her demonised through the ages, her story unheard. Until now...'I am Lilith, and this story is mine'High Priestess Lilith reigns over Ancient Sumer's greatest city in a world where female rule has been unquestioned for eons-until roving gem miner Adam warns that men are raising a rebellion.To ensure a secret prediction of a male-dominated future does not come to pass, Lilith must uphold the subjugation of men, including the lie they have no role in procreation.With a rebel war imminent, and her conscience deepening in her love of Adam, Lilith is torn between trying to prevent the dreaded future eventuating and honouring her radical truth...that women and men stand as one."I'm intrigued that 6,000 years ago-when Adam and Eve apparently existed-marks a point in an astrological cycle when a matriarchal era became an equally tyrannical patriarchal era, followed by a fated reunion. That era of unification begins now."- Melanie Dufty

Shadow work is essentially when you bring unconscious trauma and experiences to light in order to heal. This is not only what it did for me, but I was able to ... Lilith Lyrics: Comfortable enough to think you'll take her / But when she smiles, all her teeth are made of razors / She doesn't care about your words / Or how you'll save her / Where she comes I am Lilith, my memory is locked.

An epic reimagining of the story of Lilith. PaperBack by Melanie Dufty I Am Lilith.