Origin in Death

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J.D. Robb
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The latest novel from the backlist of J D Robb's addictive 'In Death' series featuring Eve Dallas.The sickness came into the center of her belly and lay there like a tumor. They've been cloning girls. Not just messing with DNA. But creating them. Selling them.The world famous cosmetic surgeon, Dr Wilfred Icove, has been found dead - a cold, brutal scalpel to the heart. He is a man with nothing to hide, but when Lieutenant Eve Dallas exposes Dr Icove's patient records, a distressing image appears.Eve's trail leads to an exclusive boarding school for girls. A strange, isolated place where everything seems perfect. A little too perfect. And when the main benefactor turns out to be a genius geneticist, Eve readies an attack.With the girls nearing perfection and the men nearing insanity, Eve suspects something truly horrifying is happening...

Robb. It is the twenty-second novel in the In Death series, preceding Memory in Death. Booktopia has Origin in Death, In Death Series : Book 21 by J.

Title. PS3568.O243O75 2005 2004042394 813'.54-dc22 Printed in the United States of America 10 987654321 BOOK DESIGN BY MEIGHAN CAVANAUGH This is a work of fiction.