The Tethered Mage

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Melissa Caruso
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A spellbinding new fantasy series that combines thrilling intrigue, engaging characters and a captivating new magic system.Control the magic, control the world.In the Raverran Empire, magic is scarce and those born with power are strictly controlled - taken as children and conscripted into the Falcon Army.Zaira has lived her life on the streets to avoid this fate, hiding her mage-mark and thieving to survive. But hers is a rare and dangerous magic, one that could threaten the entire empire.Lady Amalia Cornaro was never meant to be a Falconer. Heiress and scholar, she was born into a treacherous world of political machinations. But fate has bound the heir and the mage. And as war looms on the horizon, a single spark could turn their city into a pyre.About the AuthorMelissa Caruso graduated with honours in Creative Writing from Brown University and holds an MFA in Fiction from University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

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