The Brunette Who Stole His Heart

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Tabetha Waite
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Faith Albright is a devoted ladies' maid to her mistress, Lady Mercy, but when she's tasked with taking her place to meet a man who is the lady's intended, she isn't sure it's a wise choice. However, persuasion and loyalty are strong motivators, so she travels to London and encounters a man who is devilishly handsome and charming and sadly... never to be hers. Frederick Bartholomew is a valet who can't deny his master's request to step in for him-for just two weeks-while he has one last fling before marriage shackles him for life. While taking on the guise of the Viscount of Westbrook shouldn't be too difficult, for he's confident his perfidy won't be discovered, Freddie meets Westbrook's bride-to-be and instantly realizes he's made a grave mistake, for the lady is everything he's ever wanted... but can never have. As the truth is revealed, can their love stand true against all the deceit, or was it doomed from the beginning?

Key and Lock are so good together. Trip is a something else Bredan is good for him.

She loves everyone and everything with her heart. She was a pure soul.