Making Broken Beautiful

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Pamela Millican-Hartnoll
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Many people would consider my early life a nightmare, it being one of abject poverty and constant abuse, with complete abandonment by my whole family at 15½ years old. I came home to a completely empty house; everything I owned was gone. While the torment and horror didn't stop there, I refused to let any of it destroy me. Their neglect became my source of strength and power. I did not allow their monstrous behaviour to define me. Instead I took my pain and suffering and used it, not only to motivate, but to drive me, and unleash the true badass and real power within me. In this book I teach you how to feel truly empowered, by showing you how to unlock your own limitless potential, and be unbeatable too. I walk you, step by step, through parts of my own story, and share the tools and strategies I used on my life-changing path to shatter the negative beliefs dumped on me by others' wounded behaviour. Through my story you will understand that Life happens FOR you not TO you, and that you too can succeed with unrivaled determination and grit.

If you have something specific in mind I can create... MAKING BROKEN BEAUTIFUL Providing a path for transformation of women through creative work and vocational skills. Making Broken Beautiful. Posted on October 7, 2014 by lshutz.

Life changes for me seem to happen very ... this song can only mean anything if your heart has been broken. 2013-08-19T14:43:29Z Comment by Swedish Revolution | Retro Mars.