Good Housekeeping Easy Meal Prep

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Good Housekeeping (Editor), Jane Francisco (Foreword by)
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Make weeknight meals quick, healthy, and full of flavor with easy meal prep. Good Housekeeping's recipes and tips for cooking delicious big-batch ingredients or freeze-ahead meals will set you up for success with homemade meals every day. By the time you get home, make dinner, eat, and clean up, it can feel like it's almost time to go to bed--not so fun. Enter meal prepping, a planning method that simplifies cooking and bases it around your schedule, so you're not scrambling through a 16-step recipe when you'd rather have your feet up, dinner done, and Netflix on. From batch cooking and freeze-ahead meals to ready-to-serve dinners and grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches, Good Housekeeping Easy Meal Prep's 100+ simple, delicious recipes and meal ideas make home cooking both faster and easier on the budget. There are even tasty ideas for leftovers so you can turn one dish into two. You'll learn how to: ? Transform a single ingredient into many meals ? Scale up your recipes for staples like grains, beans and other legumes, proteins and vegetables for batch cooking ? Prepare and store ingredients and dishes for maximum life (and flavor!) Each recipe has been vetted and approved by the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen, so you can be sure you're getting reliable, tasty meals every time. You can enjoy a Choco-Cherry Supercarb Bar for breakfast and treat yourself to Spring Minestrone Soup for lunch. Tired after a long day? A comforting homemade dinner can be easy, healthful, and delicious with pre-prepped Butternut Mole Enchiladas that take only minutes to heat up. Packed with cooking tips and techniques, this essential playbook will make meal planning a seamless part of your routine.

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