Wildhorse Creek

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Kerry McGinnis
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'Anything McGinnis writes begs to be read aloud around a campfire.' Country Style Billy Martin runs from home, burying his past in the quest for a future. He finds it in Queensland's spectacular Gulf Country, on the sprawling cattle runs. The Gulf breeds tough men, and Billy is quickly drawn to the excitement and adventure of working with the fiery cattleman and ex-con Blake Reilly and his daughter Jo. Billy finds mateship, danger and romance in the Gulf, but he also finds an untamed and violent land. In the brooding heat and unpredictable storms, the future he had sought unfolds - in ways as turbulent and unexpected as the country itself - and Billy discovers a place where he can at last belong. 'A compelling read...The landscape flourishes briefly to create tranquil moments of intense beauty and serenity. This is the strange allure of the Gulflands and the essence of McGinnis' passionate storytelling.' Hobart Mercury

View all online retailers Find local retailers. Set in Australia's rugged Gulf Country comes a stunning novel from bestselling author of Pieces of Blue ... Kerry has worked as a shepherd, droving hand, gardener and stock-camp and station cook on the family property Bowthorn, north-west of Mt Isa.

Speckled with lively descriptions of the beauty and tragedy of the Gulf, McGinnis successfully intertwines the hard work of ... Wildhorse Creek [McGinnis Kerry] on Amazon.com.au. *FREE* shipping on eligible orders.