The Crossing

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B. Michael Radburn
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A GRIPPING MYSTERY WITH A SUPERNATURAL TWIST A MISSING CHILD, TASMANIAN TIGERS, A LOCAL TOWN WITH DARK SECRETS AND A RACE AGAINST TIME "Redemption is born of guilt, and weighs heavy on even the strongest man." - Stephen King In self-exile on the remote Australian island of Tasmania, Taylor Bridges is the only Ranger of an isolated National Park, its former logging town slowly drowning beneath the rising waters of the new dam project down-river. Struggling with the guilt of his own missing daughter on the mainland a year before, Taylor has since become a chronic sleepwalker. So, when another little girl goes missing in his park a year to the day of his own child's unsolved disappearance, Taylor's sense of redemption finds him wading in over his head to find her. The only problem is, due to his sleep-walking, Taylor must first take himself off the growing list of suspects. As the clues mount, he races against time and the rising lake waters to find the girl. But the town's dark history unearths a trail of missing children over many years.

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Closed Public Holidays - CONTACT - (02) 9521 3018 ... The Crossing stars Steve Zahn as Jude Ellis, a sheriff in small-town Oregon who has to deal with an unbelievable problem. The local beach in the fictional town of Port Canaan is filled with war... Nestled in native bushland, the Crossing Inn retains its charm and character from days gone by.