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Rhonda Barfield
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The book that shows homeschooling in action! What does it really mean when parents say they homeschool their child or children? For Rhonda Barfield -- a homeschooler for the past 10 years -- the definition is as diverse as the 21 families she studies in this eye-opening book. Real-Life Homeschooling From the city to the country, apartments to split-levels, you'll enter each household and see education in action. Discover the challenges and rewards of tailoring instruction to each child's needs while catering to his or her inquisitiveness and curiosity. See why the number of children being taught by their parents is growing nationwide -- at home, there are no overcrowded classrooms, no unknown dangers lurking in the halls, and no doubts as to the quality of the education. Whether you are just contemplating homeschooling or are a veteran seeking fresh ideas and help in overcoming obstacles -- look no further: Real-life Homeschooling shows just how practical and rewarding it is to educate children and provide them with what they need most -- you!

A major idea that I had failed to understand when our family initially began this homeschooling journey was that the Lord directs the steps of man, so attempting to step into the place of decision-maker and controller of all things educational was simply a ... Isolated - Not knowing another "IRL" (In Real Life) homeschooling family or at least another homeschooling mom can make life challenging. On-line connections are wonderful and have been such a blessing to me, but never getting to hang out face to face with another friend who shares your same lifestyle can be tough.

Lifeschooling is "the individualized process of discovering your child's God-given gifts and talents through real life experiences that happen within the context of your family's unique ... April 15, 2019 Home education is a legally recognised alternative to enrolling a child in school in all Australian states and territories. Children need to be enrolled in either a school or home education from around the age of six until completion age (around 17 years-old). The many benefits of homeschooling mean more kids and teens than ever are learning at home.