A Hunger Like No other

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Kresley Cole
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After 150 years of hellish torture at the hands of the vampire horde, Lachlain, king of the Lykae (werewolf) clan, escapes his captors. He's disoriented and full of hatred, and yet he finds the mate he's been longing for for 1200 years in a small, delicate vampire. Desperate to find information on her parents, Emmaline Troy, a timid, overprotected half vampire/ half valkyrie, had travelled to Paris away from the protection of her valkyrie aunts for the first time in her young life (she's only 70), but she manages to be kidnapped by a raging Lykae who's tender to her one minute, though-if he is reminded she's a vampire-furious the next...

This is the first book in the incredibly popular paranormal romance series by Kresley Cole, featuring alpha heroes, kick-ass heroines, wacky humour, hot sexytimes and just general mayhem and awesomeness. In this story we meet Lachlan MacRieve, a Lykae ... Books related to A Hunger Like No Other.

She felt as though she'd gone out without a bra - she felt a little...naughty. When the sudden urge came to taste her lips, she did.