Letter to my 10-year-old self

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Cathryn Mora
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BOOK DESCRIPTION "One day you will know that the world is a beautiful place to be and that you are so loved." A 10 year-old holds a letter to the light, trying to read the handwritten scrawl that looks so familiar. At the bottom of the lined page, finished with a confident flourish, is a similarly familiar signature. The realisation comes, with a shock - it's a letter from the child's future self. What does it say? If you could write a letter to your childhood self, would it be a handbook of survival, a missive of near misses? Or a soul-lifting celebration of triumph over adversity? In this heartwarming anthology, twenty-five extraordinary everyday people write to their 10-year-old selves, delivering wisdom, witticisms and warnings aimed to smooth the winding road into their future. Along with the lessons learned from the highs and lows of growing up, comes the reassurance of experience and the cumulative benefits of endurance, destined to provide a guiding light to those looking for inspiration. * This book discusses concepts about teen and adult life and how the author would like to inspire their childhood self to prepare for them. It is therefore written for adults, but we believe it's also suitable for your children (mature 8+) and teens. Authors: Amanda Horswill Anna Ball Catherine Jones Charlie Giles Chelsey Jean Courtney Kynaston Donna Gabriel Ian Collins Jess Weiss Joanne Edge Kati Britton Kelly Ledger Lisa Boorer Luke Amery Makaela Moore Maria Mcdonald Marta Madeira Mulungo Mary Wong Michelle Beauchamp Natasha Peake Nyree Johnson Rebecca Lang Simon Bryant Tara Nelson Taryn Claire Le Nu

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Often times teasing ... Letter to my 10-year-old-self: A heartwarming anthology full of wisdom, love, and inspirational stories of personal growth - Kindle edition by Mora, Cathryn. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.