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Gary Ablett
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Gary Ablett: An autobiography celebrates AFL legend Gary Ablett's stellar career. Reliving key moments and events in his life, this memoir not only explores Gary's great success at the very top of the AFL, but also his journey to get there.Drafted in 2001, Gary's incredible career has spanned two great clubs, two Grand Finals and two Brownlow medals among many other accolades. In his book, Gary takes readers through the trials and triumphs of his life: his close bonds with his family; his famous father Gary Ablett Senior's influence on his life; joining Geelong Football Club along with his brother Nathan; becoming a star player and the pressure that brings from the media; taking on new challenges when he left his home town to join the newly minted Suns football team on the Gold Coast; becoming a captain and leading the Suns; dealing with injury and the pressure that you come under then; the joy of returning home to Geelong Football Club even though it was accompanied by a tragic family event; settling back in Victoria with his wife Jordan and baby Levi and a future that will no doubt always have football somewhere in it.Illustrated with many never-before-seen photographs from private collections, and including contributions from Joel Selwood, Mark Thompson, Gary's mum, Sue, and Gary Ablett Snr, this book is packed with images and stories that will bring the book to life and remind the reader of the many great moments in Gary's career.From childhood to his zenith as a player, Gary's story will be a book to read and re-read about a player without equal.

In his book ... Ando's Shout: Gary Ablett Sr says losing Greg Williams cost Geelong 'at least one flag' in the late 1980s and 1990s. Gary Ablett Sr and Greg Williams landed at Geelong together in 1984. Gary Ablett: An Autobiography celebrates AFL legend Gary Ablett's stellar career.

"I decided to go back to church and began to read the Bible ... Gary Ablett has spent 25 years of his life at Geelong Football Club. Aside from a stint from 1996-2001 and when he was at the Gold Coast Suns, the dual Brownlow medallist has barely left the blue ... Gary Ablett could well have played his final AFL game after leaving Geelong's Western Australia hub to return to Melbourne on Saturday.