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Kaylee Greer
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Learn to create amazing, charming, and compelling dog photographs with Kaylee Greer, commercial dog photographer and host of Nat Geo Wild's Pupparazzi! If you want to learn to create pictures that truly capture a dog's personality-whether that's playful, cute, whimsical, shy, goofy, strong, or beautiful-you've come to the right place. If you're a professional photographer looking to up your game or an amateur who just wants to take better pictures of your best bud, Dogtography is your guide to capturing jaw-dropping photographs that are filled with heart and soul. And there is no better teacher than Kaylee Greer, a widely published commercial photographer who teaches pet photography workshops around the world and is host of Nat Geo Wild's "Pupparazzi," an original television series that focuses on her life and career. Dogtography is packed with great information and-just like Kaylee and her photographs-an infectious personality. In this book, you'll learn all of Kaylee's hard-earned tricks of the trade, including her camera settings, lens choices, and how she picks great locations. You'll also learn all about: You'll also learn Kaylee's method for picking the best images from a shoot, plus her post-processing techniques to finish off a shot, including general retouching, making eyes sparkle, and the all-important leash removal! TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: Speaking Dog Chapter 2: Basic Camera Settings Chapter 3: What's in the Camera Bag at Every Shoot? Chapter 4: What's in the Treat Bag? Tools and Tricks for Getting Your Furry Subject's Attention Chapter 5: Choosing a Location Chapter 6: The Best and Most Effective Tips for a Rockin' Dog Photo Shoot Chapter 7: Expressions and Poses Chapter 8: Shooting Action Chapter 9: Creativity Chapter 10: Tried and True Shoot Ideas Chapter 11: Choosing Your Best Images Chapter 12: Editing and Final Steps

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