The Powerful Purpose of Introverts

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Holley Gerth
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Would it surprise you to know that Joanna Gaines, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, C. S. Lewis, Max Lucado, and Meryl Streep are all introverts? Even though introverts make up half the population, most people still don't fully understand what it means to be one. Research shows the qualities introverts may see as struggles can be their greatest strengths. Introverts don't need to act more like extroverts to thrive, lead, and make a difference. Instead, they need to truly understand who God created them to be so they can avoid pitfalls like insecurity or anxiety and bravely offer their gifts to the world. In this transformative book, Holley Gerth dives into the brain science behind introversion to help you understand the psychological, relational, and spiritual aspects of being an introvert. She explores how introverts can make meaningful connections, experience quiet confidence, cultivate soul-filling solitude, exercise unexpected influence, and much more. If you're an introvert, or if you love, lead, or share life with an introvert, you need this empowering, insightful book!

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With great sensitivity and insights gleaned from her own experience, Gerth provides both research and reassurance about the minds and manners of introverts. On the science behind introversion, Gerth provides fascinating ... Product Description The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You Our world needs what introverts have to offer more than ever before - Introverts make up half the population, yet most people still don't truly understand what it means to be one. "A powerful resource on how to see, develop, and champion the unique voice and gifts God has given introverts.