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A research-based guide to helping children do what comes naturally — sleep through the night.Many parents feel pressured to ‘train’ babies and young children to sleep. Sometimes hours are spent rocking, singing, and coaxing. But kids don’t need to be trained – they’re built to sleep.Over time, all that cajoling can have the opposite effect to what is desired. Problems can arise when parents (with the best of intentions) overhelp or ‘helicopter parent’ at night, overshadowing their baby’s biological ability to sleep well.In The Happy Sleeper, child-sleep experts Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright show parents how to avoid and undo cumbersome sleep habits. They provide guidance on how to be sensitive and nurturing, but also structured, so that your baby or young child can develop the skills they need in order to:fall asleep independently sleep through the night take healthy naps acquire natural, optimal sleep patterns for day and night.Using these methods, parents can guide their children in learning how to soothe themselves to sleep — putting kids (and the whole family) on track to a full night’s sleep.

Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page ... The Happy Sleeper February 6 at 9:01 AM · Once your baby can move and roll, it's time to set her free! As you know, for safety reasons we have to take babies out of their swaddles if they're attempting to roll. In this class, The Happy Sleeper co-founders Heather and Julie teach you the gentle and effective strategies -- proven through their work with thousands of families over the years -- to help parents get their 2-6 year old kids back to sleeping through the night. This class will help you with: Bedtime resistance, stalling and negotiating at bedtime The Happy Sleeper February 10 at 2:26 PM · We're very excited to be presenting at the @collaborativehealthsummit on March 10th.

The Happy Sleeper is sleek and most compact with all the convenience you expect from a camper, in a car-size van. The Happy Sleeper is a research-based guide to helping children do what comes naturally—sleep through the night. The Happy Sleeper features a foreword by neuropsychiatrist and popular parenting expert Dr.