The Earl in My Bed

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Stacy Reid
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For years, Daphne Wentworth, Countess of Carrington, has loved her powerful, enigmatic husband, despite the fact that they married under less than ideal circumstances. But no more. Finally at her breaking point, Daphne intends to create a scandal so big, her austere husband will have no choice but to divorce her. Except everything goes awry when he surprises her with the last thing she expected. Sylvester Wentworth, Earl of Carrington, has returned to London for one reason-to seduce his wife. After a near-death experience, he is in need of an heir and means to make his marriage a real one. To his shock, though, his wicked, beautiful countess wants the exact opposite, and he must now do everything possible to entice his countess to stay forever. Each book in the Rebellious Desires series is STANDALONE: * Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night * The Earl in My Bed

All her life, everyone assumed Paget… The Earl in My Bed (Rebellious Desires) by Reid, Stacy (5) The Earl in My Bed by Stacy Reid Rebellious Desires #2 For six years Daphne and Sylvester have been married to one another but have never really been a true husband and wife with all that entails. Their marriage is a sham with no intimacy, not much conversation and little interaction at all…the marriage could easily be annulled if either party should want to.

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