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Welcome to your 2020-21 edition of Conveyancing Victoria - The Ultimate Guide (updated September 2020). There has been a lot going on in the world of conveyancing since the last edition. Electronic settlement and lodgment are now the norm. The Sale of Land Act is still being amended and interpreted by the Supreme Court. Practitioners have a greater responsibility for the calculation and collection of state and federal taxes. We have a new contract of sale. These are among the developments covered in this edition. The pace of change shows no sign of letting up. It is more important than ever to keep up to date with legislation, cases and processes. One of the great pleasures of authoring this book is the opportunity to continue working with my good friend Louis de Vries of Hybrid Publishers. I doubt that I could keep doing this without his encouragement, support and occasional gentle cajoling. Hopefully we will continue in this vein for years to come. The Law Institute bookshop sells a lot of these books. I am always grateful for the feedback and advice provided by Owen Hyde, who manages the bookshop. He gets an "honourable mention". - Simon Libbis, February 2020

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This is the seventh print version of the book, but in between the hard copies there have been updates to the electronic version. If you have not taken advantage of access to the online version you are missing out on this.