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Garry Disher
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Out in that country the sun smeared the sky and nothing ever altered, except that one day a scrap man came by . . . HER name is scarcely known or remembered. All in all, she is worth less than the nine shillings and sixpence counted into her father's hand. She bides her time. She does her work. Way back in the corner of her mind is a thought she is almost too frightened to shine a light on: one day she will run away. A dark and unsettling tale from the turn of the twentieth century by a master of Australian literature. 'an accomplished, arresting, harrowing novel, replete with horrors even as it tempts us towards hope' - Peter Pierce, WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN 'HER is almost flawless' - SATURDAY PAPER 'This distressing but compelling book has echoes of the Barbara Baynton classic Bush Studies' - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, THE AGE 'His lyrical prose paints a picture of a historical Australia both beautiful and barren, and serves up a lead character you love and support from the first time you meet her' - HERALD SUN 'The pleasures of a book that depicts dusty poverty, drunken brutality and mendacious manipulation lie in the evocative writing, the fine detail of country life and personality over a period that encompasses World War I and the ravages of the Spanish flu, and an ending that leaves its patient, feisty young survivors on the threshold of hope' - ADELAIDE ADVERTISER 'Disher has lovingly crafted You's internal dialogues, allowing moments of beauty and touching descriptions of the harsh yet majestic Australian bush to rescue the narrative from any overbearing sense of despair, lightening what might otherwise have been too heavy a load, as drudgery and hardship combine to do their best - yet always somehow fail - to blot out one young woman's personal story' - THE BIG ISSUE 'Lovers of Australian stories and internal perspectives will enjoy this book, as will fans of Disher's lyrical prose' - BOOKS+PUBLISHING

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