Tall, Dark & Hungry

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Lynsay Sands
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When Terri flew from England to New York to help plan her cousin Kate's wedding, she didn't know what she expected - but it certainly wasn't the Argeneaus. Her new in-laws may seem a little strange, with the sometimes-chipper sometimes-brooding writer Lucern - Kate's fiancee - and Vincent, the wacky stage actor (she couldn't imagine Broadway casting a hungrier looking all singing, all dancing Dracula), but having just discovered how expensive New York hotels can be, suddenly their offer of accomodation looks much more attractive. ... and then there's Bastien. Even taller, darker and hungrier looking than the other two, just looking into his eyes is enough to make Terri admit she's falling for him. Surely she can put up with the Argeneau's odd habits for a few days - to stay in their luxurious penthouse apartment, with the lovely Bastien - if it lets her avoid New York's blood-sucking hotel prices!

Apr 28. Apr 28 My Vietnamese Life Jeronimo Anaya Ortiz.

Feb 24 On the ... The Story: I had a lot of fun with Tall, Dark & Hungry. It's a bit madcap with the hero and heroine trying to save a wedding of their family/friend and dealing with blunder after blunder after disaster.