So Good They Can't Ignore You

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Cal Newport
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Cal Newport's clearly-written manifesto flies inthe face of conventional wisdom by suggesting that it should be aperson's talent and skill -and not necessarily their passion - thatdetermines their career path. Newport, who graduated fromDartmouth College (Phi Beta Kappa) and earned a PhD. from MIT, contendsthat trying to find what drives us, instead of focusing on areas inwhich we naturally excel, is ultimately harmful and frustrating to jobseekers.The title is a direct quote from comedian Steve Martinwho, when once asked why he was successful in his career, immediatelyreplied: "Be so good they can't ignore you" and that's the main basisfor Newport's book. Skill and ability trump passion. Inspired byformer Apple CEO Steve Jobs' famous Stanford University commencementspeech in which Jobs urges idealistic grads to chase their dreams,Newport takes issue with that advice, claiming that not only is thsiadvice Pollyannish, but that Jobs himself never followed his own advice.Fromthere, Newport presents compelling scientific and contemporary casestudy evidence that the key to one's career success is to find out whatyou do well, where you have built up your 'career capital,' and then toput all of your efforts into that direction.

It's so... Cal Newport's 2012 book So Good They Can't Ignore You is a career strategy book designed around four ideas. The first idea is that 'follow your passion' is terrible career advice, and people who say this should be shot don't know what they're talking about.

He is the author of So Good They Can't Ignore You and three books of unconventional advice for students. He runs the popular website Study Hacks: Decoding Patterns of Success. so good they can't ignore you; Review : I really liked this book.