Road to Grace

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Piper Davenport
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18+ for language and sexual content! Grace Lundy's life has been tainted with horror and tragedy. She's spent the past ten years building a fortress around her heart to avoid more pain. In the process, she's managed to push away those closest to her, but the time has come for them to push back. Billy "Flea" Jameson lives his life as a faithful soldier in the Dogs of Fire MC, free of commitment and drama...until Grace comes home from college. The sexy as sin woman who walks into the clubhouse isn't the young girl who left for school, and her appearance promises an end to his commitment-free life. But trouble brews when an innocent man is sent to prison and a rival club vies for territory. As Flea works with his brothers to protect the club, can he keep Grace from being caught in the crossfire?

I really loved Flea and Grace. Flea was so good with recognizing and giving Grace what she needed, even before they were together.

As my heart was opened to this newfound desperation to grasp His ungraspable grace, I stumbled into the Book of Romans again. As I preached through Romans, I realized this story of amazing grace really had become my own story—the story I had been slowly living my way into all along, and the story I most wanted to tell the world. Road to Grace by Piper Davenport is book One in the Dogs of Fire Series.