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Shae Marie
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Life is full of challenges, and we're always looking for the answers, but what happens when you can't read those all-important clues? Entrepreneur Shae Marie is a successful businesswoman who received a late diagnosis of Dyslexia in her later twenties. By this time she'd suffered through school and university, challenged by something she couldn't understand. Bullied and ridiculed, she fought a battle not only with self-confidence, but to prove to her naysayers she was indeed a resilient and intelligent woman. She couldn't understand why she struggled to read what others seemed to find a breeze. There were other clues that hindered her success, but until that AHA moment where she finally received a diagnosis and could act upon it, Shae Marie found some things challenging. Now, armed with skills and strategies befitting her lifestyle, Shae Marie has become a successful, confident woman ready to face any obstacle. Things didn't fall into place after her diagnosis, but with resilience, determination and fortitude, she's gone from strength to strength. The Hobo CEO shares tips and tricks of running a social enterprise, while offering a glimpse into Shae Marie's life. It touches on her childhood, her determination to succeed at school, university, and at life and culminates into a triumphant moment for both Shae Marie, and all who face the challenges that Dyslexia brings.

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